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  • What is the most important revelation?
    While God may reveal himself in many ways during the twists and turns of our journey, we believe the most important revelation comes when God’s light first breaks upon us and we glimpse who he is for the first time. Just as the early earth was in chaos and underwater, and God said, “Let there be light,” we too were groping in the dark chaos, spiritually drowning in deep waters until the light of God’s life broke across our vision for the first time. Until then we were unaware of the darkness of sin that surrounds us. While in this darkness, God calls out to us, revealing himself as the Holy One who makes the pathway out of the darkness. Read full answer to question here. Watch Bible Project video on Christ's role as Light. Salvation: What comes after we become aware of the darkness and reach for Christ's light.
  • What does "revelationship" mean?
    Revelationship is the combination of two words: revelation and relationship. It refers to the revelation necessary for relationship. While it's technically not a real word (you won't find it in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary), it can be found in the Urban Dictionary defined as "A relationship in which each involved party acquires increasing knowledge through every interaction with one another." We define it as: (Noun) How God reveals himself to us as he pursues us for relationship. (Noun) The pathway to an intimate relationship with the God who created you. We believe that revelationship is the heart of God, the mission of the Son, and the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • What has been the most impactful revelation to you, personally?
    (From Cathy) The revelation of the omni-presence of God. Since God is present in the past and the present and the future, all at the same time, filling all of time for all time, I have nothing to fear. He is still laying the foundations of the earth, still present with me, and already present in the future where he has already won the victory.
  • What is one of the revelations that you like to think about most?
    (From Cathy) El Shaddai, the Promiser of Promises, fulfilled. Our Bible translates this name to mean “Almighty” but the meaning is more full than this. It means something like “Out of my mountain of abundance, I am your sufficiency.” Or all-sufficient one. And there is nothing “measly” or “just enough” about this incredible name God uses to introduce his covenant to Abraham.
  • How did God first reveal himself to you?
    As a child of the Jesus Movement, I (Cathy) grew up (literally) under the pews. I’ve never know a moment without his presence but it wasn’t until God spoke to me in my lowest moment that I knew his voice for myself. Read more of my story >> Read Randy's bio >>
  • What is Revelationship?
    We define it as the ways in which God reveals himself as he pursues us for relationship. Revelationship is a journey of transformative intimacy with the God who knows you and wants to be known by you.
  • What revelation of God has been the most difficult to grasp?
    (From Cathy) For me, it would be God’s essence, his holiness. Stephen Charnock’s book, The Existence And Attributes of God, makes the case that God’s holiness is the attribute or virtue of God that is the most vital to him and the one that sustains all the others (e.g. his love is a holy love, his mercy is a holy mercy, his justice is a holy justice, etc.). Holiness can be very difficult to understand.
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