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Launch Week: August 1-7, 2024


In a world deconstructing, Christ reveals himself—the indestructible cornerstone of all that it means to thrive.


When you embrace Christ’s revelations of his character and his great passion for a relationship with you, he personally and uniquely meets your deepest needs, wrestles your deepest questions, and heals your deepest hurt.

Revelationship is a journey of transformative intimacy with the God who knows you and wants to be known by you.

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Revelationship is very much the heart of the Father, the mission of the Son,
and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Father-Daughter Duo

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Dr. Randy Colver Garland Headshot
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Cathy Colver Garland, oldest daughter of Dr. Randy Colver, writes Gracefull Musings, a blog providing
women a moment of rest and challenge before those little fingers appear under the bathroom door. A
former Vice-President of a software company, she currently consults with institutions and companies on
marketing, sales, and strategy. She also mentors women in professional, spiritual, and personal
development. Saved and living an “absolutely surrendered” life, her passion is to teach people to hear
God's voice and obey, surrender their lives absolutely, and walk in freedom. She is married to
Mickey and has two children in elementary school.

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Ordained in 1982, Dr. Randy Colver is a seasoned Bible teacher who has written numerous Bible
workbooks for class instruction and online studies. Dr. Colver received his ThD from Logos University
and is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Colver serves as an elder and teacher at the
Coweta Community Church. Dr. Colver and his wife, Kim, have been married for over forty years. They
have six children and fifteen grandchildren, including co-author Cathy Colver Garland. Dr. Colver
believes, “My greatest blessing is to know that all my children are serving God.“

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Forward By Larry Sparks

Forward By
Larry Sparks

I heard it said that God's first language is not English. Nor is it Hebrew or Greek, for that matter.  God communicates and engages with His people in so many unique ways because He is a Father, not a formula. In leading and ministering at revival gatherings around the world, one thing I've come to discover is that God touches each person personally and uniquely. This book truly brings a much-needed and revelatory "Ah-Ha" to countless believers who often feel spiritually inferior or inadequate because they did not experience God in one particular or sensational way.


Revelationship removes the veil of spiritual confusion and encourages all believers that God is a relational Father who communicates, interacts, and meets with His people in so many unique ways. They are all profoundly Biblical, and furthermore, will never contradict or contrast the character of God as revealed through Scripture. This book will open your eyes and ears to the amazing, supernatural, and relational ways that God is already moving in your life!

The concept of this book is absolutely ingenious and so necessary. What a gift this resource will be to the body of Christ! 

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“Randy and Cathy offer you an open door through which you are welcome to come in and drink deeply of the Lord’s presence. ”

Nita G Berquist, Bible Teacher
Kent, Washington

Image by Dani García

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Revelationship will open readers to encounters with Christ in all the ways He reveals Himself. Our spiritual lives languish if we limit the ways God can reveal Himself or emphasize one form of revelation over another. Revelationship—God revealing Himself to us as He pursues us for relationship—will restore intimacy with Christ in the church. Our hope is that this Devotional Guide and Workbook will act as a primer of sorts to guide Christians to transformational intimacy with Christ in their daily devotions.


  • Thought-provoking questions

  • Journaling prompts

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • And more!

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